Friday, November 6, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner.... I've been upgrading some things in the Claus's house. I originally had a handpainted round table and two chairs in the kitchen at the open end.That just didn't give Mrs. Claus enough room to work and move in her kitchen so I made the island with a butcher block top and two stools to replace the table and chairs. It's much more efficient now.
Santa has been through several surgeries, lol. I first made him nearly 20 years ago and he had a bead head, with blue mittens and black boots made from polymer clay. Last year I gave him a new polymer clay head and new green mittens. Those mittens were bugging me since he's actually working inside so I made him some hands. You can see him here discussing the Christmas Eve delivery plans with his head elf, Pete.
And, finally, here's a better photo of Dasher after his reincarnation from gold glitter to furry reindeer.That's Red behind him. Red is the elf in charge of the reindeer.
Christmas is my favorite holiday so I have several Christmas themed projects. Besides Santa's house, I have the house I live in now as it was when my children were very little. It's always decorated for Christmas. I also have a small roombox. Next month I will show more photos of Santa's house and the other Christmas projects, too.


dales_dreams said...

De, it's really cute. I look forward to the upcoming. :)

Hope you're feeling better, dear. :)

rosanna said...

I'll come back over and over to see your Christmas projects. Have fun Rosanna