Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing with scale

Have you seen those round roomboxes meant to put a real sized wreath around? HBS sells them - they have two shallow rooms to display a few pieces of furniture. This year HBS also has a mini version that's already decorated and filled. I decided to try to make one myself. I used the lid to a paper mache hat box. My wallpaper is the inside of a bill envelope. Isn't the scale perfect? The furniture is all made with bits of wood and fabric, sanded, shaped, stained and glued. Upstairs is the bedroom with a double bed and a chest of drawers. I had trouble getting a clear photo (this was it out of 20 pics!) so in this one you can't see the headboard and pillows on the bed...but they are there I promise. The floor in that room is stained wood. Downstairs is the stone fireplace and a navy wingchair. Also the decorated Christmas tree. I snipped the top off a bottle brush tree and decorated it with tiny beads and topped it with a star shaped bead. There are stockings hanging from the mantle and a wreath on the wall behind the chair. The floor in this room has red carpet - a snippet of self adhesive felt. The wreath was made from a small piece of real sized garland that I cut WAY down. It's wrapped with a sparkling red garland and trimmed with a red silk bow. The whole thing is about 1.5 inches in diameter and about 1/2 inch deep. My lid is 6 sided so it was very easy to glue the dividing floor in place into the corners.
This was a surprisingly easy project - from start to finish it took less than an hour to complete.


Roberta said...

Great idea!!!!
I'll try too to do some like this.

Katie said...

Neat! I have seen those in the HBS catalog.....But yours is sooooo cute! Great thinking on using a lid as the base! You're always so creative!!!! :)

De said...

Thank you both!

Kim said...

Wow! It looks great- and so small! I love the little stockings on the chimney!!!

De said...

Thanks Kim!