Monday, November 2, 2009

Sorry I've not been posting regularly

My husband has been ill this weekend. He's heading to the doctor now. We're suspicious of H1N1 as some of his coworkers' children have had it. I'm not feeling too peppy myself. I guess we'll see what the doctor says about hubby.

The minis I have been working on are mostly for swaps so I can't even share pictures. Plus my camera is acting up.

All in all, it's been a bit frustrating around here but I hope to be back soon.


Kim said...

De- I hope that your hubby feels better soon and that you do not get really sick too! I am in the same boat- working on swaps and christmas goodies and so not able to post about any of it- but still busy :) Remember to drink lots and get some rest if you get to feeling worse :)

De said...

Thanks Kim. The dr. says it is H1N1 so he's treating everyone in the house.

Deni said...

Sorry to hear your hubby isn't well, I do hope he will be Ok real soon, I'm not sure what H1N1 is.

I know about not posting much, I too, still have my husband here and he can't drive, so Im doing that as well as taking him to his physio, 3 times a week, after I clean cook and garden there isn't much time left for minis, etc!


De said...

H1N1 is the swine flu, Deni. He's been pretty miserable and I'm starting to get it too. I'm hoping the Tamiflu the doctor prescribed will keep me from getting as severe a case.

Deni said...

I didn't know the other name for the new influenza vius named Swine flu
It is pretty miserable I hear we have it over here as well!
Man made flu!
Be thinking about you both & praying for a quick recovery

dales_dreams said...

Deanna, you and your family take care! :)

Victoria said...

Sorry to hear about the flu, I read the article recently about Tamiflu, should help, I guess. Hope everything is going to be okay.