Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A productive day

These are some of the wonderful items I received in a recent Small World nursery swap. I made the basket full of baby toiletries sitting on the table and an afghan not shown. I have such an amazingly talented group of mini friends!
I made this baby girl to go in the cradle I received in the swap. She's anatomically correct...and then I glued a diaper on her, lol. There are even tiny little diaper pins. She's got that blotchy skin color that newborns have, too. She's cuter than what this photo shows. I had a horrible time getting one even this good.

I also made this Victorian Father Christmas today. He's listed in my etsy shop. He has sculpted boots and his coat is lined with gold satin. I love how he turned out. Isn't it great when the idea in your head actually works out the same way?


Liberty Biberty said...

De, you're so clever! That baby girl and Santa are great. The items you received in the swap are wonderful too.

De said...

Thanks, Mercedes! :0)