Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's finished...mostly

 I'm sorry this is such a picture heavy post but I don't know when I will have access to internet again.  Meet Matilda Green. She's currently the only staff (until I get more dolls made) so she's the housekeeper/cook/nanny at the moment. She's the first doll I've made with Fimo soft and I love how much detail I was able to get in her face. Below is the closeup of the tub someone asked to see.
 Here's the finished exterior complete with the upper porch door and landscaping.
 The entire interior view:

 Faith is resting in the parlor with her lap dog, Chloe. Faith has gotten rid of the horrible stiff green velvet dress and has a lovely new Spring gown. I made or refinished all of the furniture you see in this room. I used a silk tie from the Salvation Army to upholster the parlor set.
 The master bedroom is very pretty. The "iron" fireplace was made from a cookie package. The headboard was made from leftover scraps from a punch out dollhouse, small doors from a Michael's hutch and bits of wooden fan. The linens are made from a vintage handkerchief and the reverse side of the quilt I had planned to use. The chest and dressing table are Dollar Tree purchases that I refinished.
 Noah has a good selection of toys. His original outfit didn't look at all Victorian. Now he's wearing a blue satin suit with knickers. His bed was made from craft sticks and more fan pieces. His wonderful Noah's Ark quilt was made by Mercedes. The chest is another Dollar Tree purchase. Noah currently has his rocking horse in the tower. I think that will be his school room eventually.
 Charles has a lovely collection of things collected from his world travels in his single days. (Sorry for the crooked picture. It's straight now, lol.) The "japaned" cabinet on the right is filled with collectables and books. The desk is two Dollar Tree tables put together. The cabinet is a Michael's hutch. The fireplace and wing chair were made completely from scratch. The jardiniere holding the fern was made from a small vase and a wooden bowl. The rug in here and the parlor and the drapes in here were made from upholstery samples. I also used them as cushions on the dining chairs and Charles' desk chair.
The bathroom has a standing towel rack now. I will continue to add accessories and staff but this house is mostly finished. It's been a fun project.


Kim said...

what a fun house De-I always love how creative you are in building your minis. Nice work :) I love the bathroom and the towel rack!

Lucille said...

Hi De. I'm a new follower as you know and so I am not familiar with your work. But, I must say that I am so impressed with how ingenious you are when it comes to making things from scratch. Imagine, upholstering a couch with a tie. Fantastic! Beautiful work. I love your doll that you made. I would like to try making some in the future. You forgot to mention why you are losing access to the internet. I hope you won't be gone too long. Take care!

De said...

Thank you, ladies, for your kind words and welcome, Lucille. If you read back through my previous years of posts you will find some tutorials and examples of lots of things made with what I have on hand. I love to mini but need to do it on a budget. :)

Drora's minimundo said...

Wonderful and very quick work! Thanks for the tour.
Hugs, Drora

Steinworks said...

Poor Matilda, she's going to run herself ragged taking care of that family.

Marisa :)

she looks wonderful

De said...

Thank you!