Sunday, June 3, 2012

Time to Mini

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening helping hubby get the garden in. I've been dealing with hives for the past couple of weeks and  they were worse today than they've been so I spent my afternoon inside while DH finished up outside. (Sixteen years ago I had chronic hives for nearly a year. I'm going to get a referral to an allergist this time but I'm guessing it's stress same as last time.)

 I put my afternoon to good use working on the furniture that came with the San Franciscan. It was mostly kits - I think from the Greenleaf Victorian kit.All of the appliances had been painted a solid white. After many years in storage it was mostly dirty white. I still need to make the pipes for the sink but I'm very pleased with how they turned out.
I also worked on the parlor furniture. The chairs came with a square table that I plan to use as a work space in the kitchen. The round pedestal table was one of the kits. I refinished the chairs to match the finish I put on the table. The hall tree was refinished and got a better quality mirror. The piano was refinished with some trim and a music stand added. I also added the sheet music and the keys. It all looks so much better now.

You can see how everything looked when I got it here.


Lucille said...

Hi De! You were so lucky to get all that furniture. Everything is so expensive! You did a great job. The piano looks nice. I like that icebox and the stove looks like an interesting piece! Take care. I know all about hives! I'm hoping they won't show up this year.

Fabiola said...

This furniture is wonderful. Great job.
Bye Faby

Jennifer said...

Is it the end ofschool for you? I know even though I amnout of the classroom, the last part of the year is stressful!