Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The story develops...

 Charles and Faith and their son, Noah, live in the San Franciscan. Faith is British and her father worked for the British government in India, so that's where she grew up. That's inspired a lot of the decor in the house. (Please excuse the bubbles in the wallpaper and tile in the kitchen. It's still drying.) I need to make a window shade and add the rest of the accessories but this room is mostly finished.
 The turret room will be Noah's bedroom. I have a little Noah's Ark quilt that Mercedes made for me that will be perfect for his bed. The walls will be a blue print but I'm not sure what I'm doing with the floor in here.
 The master bedroom has a definite Indian influence. Obviously, the furniture needs a lot of work to "go" with the decor. The quilt on the floor will go on the bed. The colors are a perfect match and it has tiny flowers just like what's on the wallpaper.
 The parlor is another Indian inspired room. I love the bay with the red. I need a fireplace, sofa, and at least one chair in here. A table or two would be good, too. There has to be somewhere to serve tea.
 I love the study. It's very masculine and I think Charles will be very happy here. Charles has done some traveling (before he met Faith) and he will display a few artifacts from his travels in here.
I'm still debating about the bathroom decor but the tub was made from a Philadelphia white chocolate cream cheese container. I used a cup hook for the faucet with bead handles. I stacked 3 beads per foot to give a claw foot look to the bottom of the tub. It turned out amazingly well.

Tomorrow I hope to get to the other two rooms. Stay tuned!


Lucille said...

You certainly have been working hard. It would be nice to get a close up of the tub faucets! That is so ingenious of you to make a tub out of a cheese container and the proportions are just right!

Kathi said...

I think I need to buy some white chocolate cream cheese! Great idea!

carmen said...

me encanta esa cocina

Drora's minimundo said...

So much progress! Your recycling ideas are amazing. I love the bathroom appliance you made.
Hugs, Drora

April said...

Everything is looking so sweet, De! I love what you've done so far.
White chocolate cream cheese?I never knew they MADE such a thing! lol.
Hope you're on the up-and-up!