Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Very Nice Interview

 I belong to teammids - Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale. We started out as purely an etsy group. Some of us sell on other venues now but still belong to the team. My friend, Whims (Whimsy Cottage Minis), interviewed me about the library dollhouse display I did in October/November. You can read the interview on the Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale blog. Please stop by and check it out. Also stop by Whimsy Cottage Minis for a beautiful collection of handmade miniatures for your dollhouse or scene.


Lucille said...

Hi De! You certainly have a lot of courage and stamina for having transported so many minis to your local library. I read the interview and then I looked at Whimsy Cottage Minis. A very interesting interview it was. You must be looking forward to meeting with this collector who possesses over 100 houses. As for Whimsy Cottage Minis, she has beautiful things. Her purses are striking. Looking at your castle which I did not even know you had made has given me the desire to look over your blog. But, I can't do it in one day, of course. Plus, it's so warm right now. But I'm curious to see all that you have accomplished. Have a nice day!

WhimsyCottageMinis said...

Thank you but it was really my pleasure. I look forward to hearing the update after this year's exhibit!

Thanks again,