Friday, June 13, 2014

A late afternoon update

 I couldn't resist a trial run of some of the furniture. The kitchen and dining pieces are all vintage plastic with lines that I like. To make the table and chairs look like well used cottage furnishings I added layers of stain and paint and then sealed each piece. The chairs were two different colors when I started. One was white with a red seat and the other was tan with a red seat. I'm not skilled enough to make chairs this detailed from scratch so I am glad that I had these. The table a distressed coat of Bleached Sand Americana paint. The chairs and the door were painted with Aleene's True Blue and antiqued. Both paint brands have excellent coverage. The appliances just got the details painted - handles, faucets, etc. I will be making all the furniture for the living room side.
I'm not certain about anything in the bedroom yet. The dresser and crib are vintage pieces that I've dressed up or distressed. The double bed is a cut down Dollar Tree piece. Both it and the crib need blankets, etc. Even after cutting it down, I'm not thrilled with the bed so I may start from scratch with that.

One other thing I am considering is leaving the third floor bathroom out and then I'd have a beautiful vaulted ceiling in the bedroom. This is a commission for a young girl so I need to check on that with her mom first. I'm not even sure I can handle not having a bathroom, let alone a young lady, lol. It's hard enough to leave stairs out for me. ;-) I look forward to your opinions. Please share!

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