Friday, June 13, 2014

Mini time!

 I finally got a chance to start on the commissioned stone cottage. I'm sure I've told you all before that I really detest making exact multiples, mini or otherwise. So, of course, this cottage will have some significant differences but still maintain the cozy, cottage charm. The first difference is the carved blue door. I've aged the blue since this photo so it isn't quite so bright. I love how it turned out.

 The main living area and bedroom floors will be a warm golden oak. I am using the same process - draw the boards and then stain over it. Then I will seal the floors with a satin varnish. At this point, I'm planning a tile treatment for the third story bathroom. That will give a bit of color to that very dark room.
There will be updates today or later in the weekend. I'm on a roll now. :-)

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PILAR6373 said...

El cottage va tomando forma,has avanzado mucho y los tonos se ven muy bonitos!!!!