Monday, June 23, 2014

All but the details

 I added a small English country garden to the front of the commission cottage. I like it so much that I think I will have to make a flower garden for my cottage.
 The floral colors are all sort of red, white and blue - at least shades of those colors - to coordinate with the interior colors.
 The couch and chair were made with coordinating fabrics from cardboard and foam core. The corner covered table is a pill dessicant capsule. The coffee table was made with bits of a carved fan, plastic, and a scrap of wood for the brace. The wall decor was done with scrapbook stickers.
 I really didn't like the bed I had planned to use so I ripped off the head and foot boards and added porch posts and a piece from a coffee cup sleeve to make the four poster bed. Now I love it. The crib has bedding in the same floral fabrics as the bed. The dresser mirror is a piece of mirrored poster board framed with a scrapbook frame.
 Another sticker over the crib....
 The bathroom sink/vanity got a skirt to hide the "pipes" and a poster board mirror.
The ivy in the garden winds around the side of the house.

I still need to do the finishing details - curtains, towels and toilet paper, more art...etc. I will post final photos when I am certain I'm finished. It's a commission so I do have a time frame, lol.

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