Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A mini miniature makeover

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo. My tablet has wonderful photo editing software built in but takes horrible photos, lol. I decided yesterday afternoon to add the pom pom trim to Harriet's bedspread in the boarding house since I liked it so well in the 50s house. It definitely gives the spread a more finished/polished look.

I've been up since six because I am expecting a morning delivery of my new cell phone. I will be spending some time with that and the laundry but hope to find a bit of mini time, too. I have a couple of small projects I hope to start soon. It feels good to get back to mini making and also to blogging about the projects.

Have a wonderful day!


Steinworks said...

I agree with you, the pom poms do add to the bed, good luck with your new cell phone what are you getting? I still have my old I phone 4, I thing I would like a bigger one but I dont want to spend the money when this is working just fine.

De said...

I prefer Android but I refuse to spend a fortune on a phone. So I got a pretty basic smart phone- An LG K20 V. So far I like it. It is much bigger than my old HTC One Mini and that's a good thing.

Giac said...

Hello De,
It really is the perfect finishing touch!
Big hug