Thursday, June 1, 2017

Johnson's Boarding House was way over due for a good cleaning...

...and a few new pieces from a tote full I bought from a cousin.
George is preparing for his next student. The only new thing this room got was a side table to replace the one I took for the French country house.  It came from Sandy's room.

Sandy got a new iron bed. Her old one was very narrow so I think she will enjoy the new addition.
I didn't add anything new to the living room. I just cleaned it and changed the meal on the dinner table.
Harriet got a pretty new bedside lamp.
Tess and Johnny and their dog, Wilson, are enjoying the sunny day on a clean porch.

The kitchen got a beautiful Hoosier cupboard and a new table and chairs on the pretty braided rug. The cupboard has so much storage!


Giac said...

Hello De,
What a great tour! It is so nice to see all these lovely rooms.
Big hug

Steinworks said...

love the new cabinet :)


Drora's minimundo said...

More interesting than real house cleaning. A very lovely house. Thanks for sharing.

De said...

Thank you!