Sunday, June 25, 2017

More chicken fun

 Houdini's colors weren't quite right so she got a makeover today. I added her first two babies, too. The only other new thing is the water container. There's another in the coop as well as a feed full of ground up cork feed. You can't easily see those but I know they are there, lol.

I think it's really finished this time. It was a perfect project for this week. I could do it in stages and it doesn't take up much room. What are YOU working on now?


Steinworks said...

I like how it turned out, for some reason "we will kill the little red rooster" started playing in my head when I was looking at your scene. Im working on a space ship and two castles for display at the store for my dolls and I just cleaned two my little ponys for the toy room. I'll post a photo of the space ship when Im finished with it.


De said...

Thank you, Marisa. Can't wait to see the space ship!