Saturday, June 24, 2017

Chickens in the run

 I stopped at JoAnn's Fabrics today and found two resin doves in the fairy garden section.  They've been transformed into mini Houdini and mini Esther, two of our favorite chickens. Houdini is the only one of our original chickens left. She's raised two batches of babies and we're hoping she goes broody again this year.
Esther is the all white hen. Both are Easter Eggers. Houdini lays a light olive colored egg and Esther's eggs were pale blue.

The mini coop and run now have six chickens. Gemma is in the nest box. Rosemary is at the feeder. Outside is Fred on the ramp, Aurora on the veranda, Houdini having a dust bath, and Esther on the outside roost. This was a fun project and will always remind me of our introduction into raising chickens.

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