Monday, August 31, 2009

From trash to treasure

So, this project started when I noticed that the cap to my toothpaste was divided like a relish tray. I sliced it down and spent some time making mini veggies. Then I remembered my friend Judy's beautiful meat and cheese board that I received in a Small World swap. That led me to think of a wedding banquet table and this is the result. I made everything except for Judy's board and most of it was from "trash."

You've seen the wedding cake before. The plates are made from milk carton seals. The forks are the pins I pulled out of the pushpins that I used for punch glasses. The punch bowl is a clear plastic lid I cut down, a pushpin and a button - it's filled with glass paint for the punch. The ladle, knife and server are cut from thin metal. The lettuce for the tossed salad is plastic snow that I colored with food coloring. The table itself is made from pieces from my wood scrap box and it's covered with a layer of white paper and then some packing sheet foam that's shiny and kind of elegant looking as a tablecloth.

This was my first attempt at some of the vegetables I made for the relish tray. There are celery sticks, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli, dill pickle spears and bread and butter pickle slices (the glue isn't completely dry - I'm too impatient to wait, lol). The dip in the middle was made with white dimensional paint and some polymer clay shavings for the spices. I used those vegetables, plus some cucumber and radish canes I made another time, for the salad.


Liberty Biberty said...

Great work De! It all looks so good, especially the relish tray!

Kathi said...

Love this post! How creative!
The push pin punch glasses are great! I wouldn't have thought of using glass paint. I'll have to try that... What kind of toothpaste has a cool lid like that?!
Great job with your "trash!"

Julie Old Crow said...

This is inspiring! I love your trash to treasures idea.

what was the toothpaste brand? i have to get one of those relish trays!

Love this idea.

Julie Old Crow

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic De. Trash to treasure is my type of miniatures. Everything turned out so well and looks very realistic. The whole table is terrific,

Kim said...

mmmm De- makes me hungry. You amaze me with what you can make with what you have- you are a real inspiration! It all looks wonderful!!

De said...

Thank you all so much! The really sad thing is that I can't remember what brand of toothpaste it was - I don't always use the same one. I think it was Crest or Sensodyne. Toothpaste caps are wonderful. I've also made a toilet out of one of the large flip top caps. Can you tell I look for mini possibilities in everything? ;-)

Caseymini said...

Very cool De! I especially like the toothpaste veggie plater!

A. Wright said...

:0 the divided tray is GENIUS!

De said...

Thank you! :-)