Tuesday, August 11, 2009


First, update on Zyla. She's miserable - poor thing has dug a bald spot on her tail and she's scared to go outside on her own.

And the pictures speak for themselves. I'm happy with the way everything is coming together. The tin is already rusting through the gesso, though, so I'm probably gonna have to get a rust-o-leum primer and then paint or paper over that.


Kathi said...

I keep looking at your little stools... they are just too cute!
What did you use for the counter top?
I found some RL counter top samples and am wondering how I can use them.
Some of them really look like granite!

De said...

The counter top is just a piece of wood covered with a paper print out of vintage laminate. I used the same laminate pattern for the tables.

A. Wright said...

This is so fun! Looking great!

Hugs to Zyla too.

Dlsarmywife said...

Your diner is coming along wonderfully! And poor Zyla...hopefully she will heal quickly.

Liberty Biberty said...

De, your little diner is coming together beautifully!