Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm back... but not at home

I'm "borrowing" internet service at the church so I can check in with all of you. I feel so lost when I can't just pop online to visit, :-(.

I started making some inhabitants for the diner yesterday. Meet De and Buzz, owners/operators of De's Diners. De doesn't look anything like me but Buzz is so named because he bears an uncanny likeness to my Uncle Danny, nicknamed Buzzy. One of the customers is completed as well. I decided to dress the dolls in polymer clay so that I can get the draping the way I want it and so that the customers will sit well in the booths. It's much more difficult to make the dolls this way!


Katie said...

The dolls look great De!!! Makes the place look lived in!! :)

Julie Old Crow said...

The diner is lovely--and your customer and Buzz are suh-weet! I am looking forward to seeing much more of this!

Julie Old Crow