Sunday, January 10, 2010

Country Cottage Charm

I made this comfy looking little chair for Tina, a friend from the UK. We are making a trade. In exchange for this chair and a coordinating couch I get a wonderful doll named Verity. She's in her nightclothes, ready for bed. I have a couple of bedroom boxes to choose from for her new home.

I met Tina online in a miniatures forum but I consider her a true friend. When my daughter was studying in London and had some health issues, Tina took her in for a week based on our online friendship. Meg enjoyed her stay with Tina's family, recovered enough to take her second course, and got a true taste of living in the UK.


Deni said...

Oh thats so cute!
lovely chair! I could fall into that one!!lol

De said...

Thanks, Deni!

Deni said...

It's delightful, its delicious, its delectable! lol mm Must find that song lol