Thursday, January 21, 2010

I did some rearranging

This is the bedroom in the Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage. Because of the name, I decided to make this one in the Victorian period. The bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the cottage. I made the bed and all of the bedding and the wash stand. The pitcher and bowl, chamber pot, cat and many of the small personal accessories were made from polymer clay. The rug is a scrap of fabric with the sides hemmed and the ends fringed. The parlor stove is a salt shaker.

This room arrangement is a new one and I really like how it looks.


PAKY said...

Is a beautiful bedroom I like the bed so much and details... regards

Kim said...

I love the bed- amazing job on all of it! I would never have guessed the parlor stove was a salt shaker! It looks perfect in your room :)

De said...

Thank you!