Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The project I had planned to do on Monday

I had several items from a recent birthday swap that didn't fit into one of my other projects so I made a small birthday party in a cardboard cigar box.
Several of these items were made by my friends in the Small World forum. Sandy made the pinata; Brenda made the cake, pin the tail on the donkey, the pinata stick in the corner, and the gift on the floor; Sharon made the panda mask and the teddy bear paper doll book in front of the gift on the floor; Gaye made the bags of chips - these are from a previous swap-and the heart peg rack on the wall. I need to figure out what to hang on the pegs still.


dale's dreams said...

De, so cute! :)

Lady Jane said...

All is very cute. Love the party room and it is amazing what your mind does with tongue depressers lol... Glad your hubby is up and about. If he had lazer he will be surprised at how quick he will bounce back. Good work.

De said...

Thank you both! It's fun to do little projects from time to time -immediate gratification is sometimes a good thing, lol.