Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Return to the Past

Today's project was a quick one - easy but detailed, too. I made a Victorian sewing table from part of a thread spool. The idea is not mine - I got it from a dollhouse book by Caroline Hamilton. The spool had 4 sections plus the center. I sawed off about a half inch piece from the end. I used my Dremel to even the edges and then sanded it smooth. The base is a wooden wheel and the post is a wood turning. I glued a paper circle to the bottom of the spool section then glued all the pieces together. I added some lace at the base of the spool to resemble carving then painted the whole thing gloss black.
I cut some small pieces of black foam to take up space in the bottom of each section.
Then I made all the bits to fill it. The center holds a tomato pin cushion. One section holds spools of thread in various colors. Another has two pairs of scissors (straightened dressmaker hooks)and a card of buttons. The third section holds reels of ribbon and the fourth holds embroidery floss. I made some needles from thin wire and glued them into the pin cushion. This will go in one of my Victorian houses.

It's funny how easy it is to make something look so nice with such odd bits of "stuff" from the scrap drawer. :)


dale's dreams said...

De, that is so cool, I want one! :)

De said...

For real or in mini, Dale? I can't help with the real size but I'd be happy to make you one in mini. :) Thank you!

dale's dreams said...

No, not for real size, I'm a mini maker, I get it. :) lol

I'd love one. :)

I've been saving spools forever for other things but,this is just so unique and you've done such a fabulous job with it.

I'll swap with you, what ever you want and I can make (well, within limitations, lol, what you might want, just let me know)

I'd be so tickled, I just showed hubby and he was quite impressed, as am I. :)

De said...

Thank you! That's so sweet, Dale. Could you do a pair of the light blue gingham chair cushions?

dale's dreams said...

I have those in my artfire shop, but, I also just got a smaller blue gingham. Tell me which you perfer and two ties each side out the back or one on each side?

Missed you in chat this eve, but, I understand, it was wonky and you have your hands full. :)

De said...

Ooh, the smaller gingham please and 2 ties on each side. I'm so excited!

I was at the high school play last night (and will be tonight and tomorrow.) Adam works in the tech booth so I go to support him. It was good, too! :)

April said...

A cut-off spool??? Straightened dressmaker hooks???
Reeling from creative shock. Genius. Adorable.
WOW! :)
(I am rarely speechless!) :)
It is really, really beautiful. Now I'm wishing for that magical machine my girls always speak of--the one that would convert "real" to mini and mini to "real" size, whenever--like a microwave. :)

Kim said...

oh- this is sooo sweet!! I love it De!

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! Such a perfect addition to any miniature collection.

De said...

Thank you all so much!