Friday, August 12, 2011

All in a day's work

No minis today but I canned three pints of beets, 4 pints of sweet pickle spears, and 11 half pints of dill relish.
I also made zucchini banana bread and did the laundry. The "Happy Housewife" is now exhausted and sitting with her feet up. ;)

BTW, the bread tastes great!


Kim said...

oooohhhh- I like to see rows of cans of homegrown food almost as much as I like to see minis! Thank you De! The bread looks delicious too--good thing I can't smell it through the computer! Have a super weekend!!!

Kathi said...

YUM YUM! Love zucchini bread!

Craftland said...

Hmmmmm, it looks all very tasty. Hugs from Craftland