Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Monday and Tuesday were spent moving daughter #2 into her new apartment. She will have a roommate but my daughter had to move in early for some pre-student teaching activities. The living room will eventually have a futon/sofa instead of the butterfly chair. The denim slipcovered chair was one of our garage sale finds as were the plant stand, TV table and end table. The plant (Spike, lol) is a start from the plant my hubby and I received as a wedding gift 29 years ago. Daughter #1 also got a start (Harry.) The window treatments throughout the apartment were done with the many yards of tulle I had purchased for the canceled wedding. It made perfect fuss-free window toppers and added punches of color against the white walls.
The apartment is the top floor of an Arts and Crafts style turn of the century home. There's lots of great woodwork and cute little cubby storage areas everywhere. I didn't get photos of the hall - it has a floor to ceiling four door storage area. The kitchen cabinets aren't as old as the house but they are definitely vintage. The little green stand next to the fridge was one of our garage sale purchases after a makeover. She has small appliances, kitchen wraps and cookbooks stored there.
The kitchen isn't big enough for the dining table so that's in the living room. You've seen this set in an earlier post. The rose painting and the pasta one in the kitchen were both painted by my mom. This is daughter #2 BTW. :)
I love how her bedroom turned out. The nightstand was a garage sale makeover as are the bunk bed and lamp. K recovered a comforter with a pretty flannel print and made the throw pillows you see in several of the photos.
The chest of drawers is her old one from home but repainted. The glossy white with chrome hardware is a huge improvement over the old oak laminate and brass hardware. I love paint. :D

The apartment is three bedroom so one room has been turned into an office/study area and roomie will have the third room with the large walk-in closet. K chose the room with the smaller closet that's closest to the bathroom.

Next time I visit daughter #1 I will get photos of her apartment, too. It's fun to show how all the miscellaneous garage sale/consignment shop purchases have come together to make cute starter homes for my girls.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!


Kim said...

It all looks so cute- she must be very excited :) I bet it's hard to move them even if it is fun ♥ Hope she has a wonderful school year!!

De said...

Thank you, Kim. It is very bittersweet - I'm excited to see how God is using their gifts and talents as they become adults but sometimes I just miss my babies. :)