Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just keeping busy

I've been working on some mini mini projects this week. Just a few little things for fun. This month's American Miniaturist has a tutorial for a bead toy. I altered the instructions to make it like the one my children had. Here it is in the nursery.

This clock was made from a printie I found in a mini magazine many years ago. I think it may have been Nutshell News. I was fairly new to miniatures and it was a complicated printie so I put it together just as it was and popped it in a house. This morning I felt the need to "fix" it so here it is with the addition of some hardware, stain, a wood base, a clock face surround and some dimensional gel for the face. It no longer looks like it started as a printie. Definitely time well spent.


Eliana said...

I really enjoyed the children's room and clock!

De said...

Thank you, Eliana!

Maria Ireland said...

That toy looks great in the childrens room. The clock is wonderful. Greetings Maria