Thursday, August 18, 2011

How does your garden grow?

This lovely batch of beans is now cooling in the pressure canner - the second planting of green beans is really taking off.
The tomatoes are just beginning to ripen. I'm hoping to can whole tomatoes, salsa and soup. The zucchini is nearly finished. I've had no trouble using all of them this year. In fact, I was hoping for more.

How are your gardens doing? - vegetable or floral - I'd love to see photos. :)


carmen said...

mi jardin es jardin-paisaje, con un pequeño huerto, hay fotografias en varias entradas de mi blog

De said...

Here's a rough translation of Carmen's post: my garden is garden-landscape, with a small orchard, are photographs in several entrances of my blog

I will have to go see Carmen's garden now...