Monday, February 25, 2013

For the newcomers

 I already have a Santa house that I made several years ago. I made all of the dolls - Mr. & Mrs. C. and several elves. The workshop was done in a reverse color scheme of this one.
 Mrs. Claus is busy baking up a storm.
 Santa is in a meeting with Pete, the head elf in charge of all elf duties - toy making, reindeer caretaker, North Pole mailman, etc.
 Red is the reindeer caretaker.
Rudy is the mail carrier for the North Pole.
The toy making elves are different since I used purchased dolls to start but I like them anyway. :)  The two houses will hopefully be displayed together (after I do some rearranging) in a sort of Christmas village.  Hmmm, the elves still need homes and the reindeer need a stable. This could be a large village!


Kim said...

oh De- I just did some catching up and your workshop is adorable! You work so fast- I wish I was a quick as you are :) I love all the different toys and the tub of dirty dishes is fantastic! These houses are going to look so cute together. Funny how after you finish a house ideas for more scenes just keep coming :)

Tina -Just a Small Thing said...

A very large village lol keep us posted!

NT 26-102 said...

Hi, I have this little house. I bought it at the thrift store with no plan in mind. My Granddaughter decided it would be great for the little Lalaloopsy dolls and I agreed. I think I will reclaim it one of these days as it would be fun on not too large a project.
Seems like you may be looking for another house though!
regards Janine