Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Updates...'cause you all know I can't be done the first time

 Usually, after I "finish" a project I let it sit out where I can see it frequently. It's during this time that I make lots of adjustments, until it's just the way I want it...for now, anyway, lol. Last night I decided I didn't like the rough surface of the painted ceilings upstairs so I wallpapered. That had the added bonus of covering all the rough edges around the dormer. It all looks so much nicer now.
 I organized all the toys and was able to fit the last of the ones I had saved. I had some fun with the blocks. They would be really large stacking blocks for children but we'll pretend they are made of foam so the little ones won't be hurt when their towers topple over. ;)
 Poor Moe looks a little overwhelmed by his list in the storage room.
I also added snow to the roof like Santa's house has. Now the workshop looks like it could be in the North Pole, too.

Well, I am off to work. Have a great day, everyone!


Kim said...

I love the wallpaper on the ceiling- makes it look so cheerful and exactly like where elves would work. I think that is why dollhouses are never really truly finished- seems like you can always find something you want to add or change a bit. This is just adorable De- has me wanting to make a Christmas house but I have to resist and finish the houses I have started :)

Fabiola said...

The exterior is wonderful!
Bye Faby

Lucille said...

The wallpaper makes a world of difference. It's very uplifting. I guess red does that. I can't get over your toy collection. It's fabulous!

Drora's minimundo said...

A lovely house. I love the details. I agree, it's a good idea to put your latest project where you can see it and make changes, a last touch. A stunning collection of toys in the upstairs room.
Hugs, Drora

De said...

Thank you, ladies!
Kim, I love my Santa house and that's why I decided to add the workshop. Once you finish your current projects you should consider doing one of your own.

Lucille, thank you. Most of the toys came from a round robin swap box I do with mini friends or from thrift stores (the dollhouses are porcelain village houses). The only mini of note is the pinata which was made by Brenda Shahzada. She's a friend from a forum and was recently published in American Miniaturist.

Faby, thank you. I love how the exterior turned out, too. :)

Drora, thank you, too. In my reply to Lucille I tell the source of the toys. It was fun to see what all I could come up with. Some of the toys on the wooden shelf are actually buttons and beads. The larger dinosaurs on top are erasers. There are so many options for us mini makers to choose from.