Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Twas an intense weekend...of mini-ing

 But Santa's Toy Workshop  is nearly complete. Outside, I need to fill the window boxes with holly or poinsettias and add a door knob.
 The interior is full to the brim but I still have a few accessories to add. I wasn't able to fit all of the toys in but I gave it the old college try, lol.
 In the workroom I need to add tools, paint cans and brushes, etc. The teddy bear cubby shelf was made from the liner and box bottom from a candy box. It's perfectly sized and acts as a room divider, too.
 Santa doesn't want his elves to get hungry on the job so he provided a kitchenette in the toy workshop. Mrs. Claus often brings a pot of soup or chili and leaves it warming on the woodstove. At the window end of this area is a "glass" shelf full of girls' toys - dolls, dollhouses, etc.
 Upstairs is a large storage area. The shelf holds boys' toys - everything from cars, trains & dinosaurs to BB guns. The larger dollhouses are up here as well as board games and a rocking horse.
There's also a small washroom upstairs.The sink was made from a razor cover, a plastic saxophone and a couple of beads. The toilet is the lid from a bottle of creamer. I need to add toilet paper, soap, towel, and trash can in here. The little Christmas tree is visible from the storage room.

BTW, remember when I said the instructions with this kit seemed fairly clear? Um, not so much. I had to do some work with the craft knife in order to install the roof. Either I missed a step or it wasn't there. ;) Since I'm pleased with the results, it doesn't really matter.


Fabiola said...

Your Santa's Toy is wonderful.
Bye Faby

De said...

Thank you, Faby! I had fun working on it.