Thursday, April 25, 2013

Late night additions

 This console table is one of those inexpensive, red, Dollar Tree pieces. It looks so much more expensive after the makeover. I sanded it and roughly painted it with a bright blue. Then I stained the top and antiqued the bottom with pecan stain and replaced the wooden knobs with brass hardware. The picture frame was made from air dry clay and then stained with pecan and painted with 2 shades of gold paint.
The third floor looks much more cluttered because I had to make room for the console table on the second floor and things got moved up. I don't think cluttered is a bad thing, though, in an antique shop. ;-)


Kim said...

Love the new additions! I think cluttered is perfect for an antique shop- most that I have been in are cluttered and I think that is part of the fun :)

De said...

Thank you, Kim. My favorite antique shops are all cluttered, too. I think it makes the thrill of the hunt more exciting, lol.