Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Then Again again

 I thought the base violin was better here than in the boarding house with George. He has several brass instruments. He can part with this stringed one, lol.
 I added a very thin sheet of plexiglass to the countertop so I could put postcards and things under the "glass" top.
 I think the second floor is looking good. There are enough things to be interesting and to have to dig a bit to see it all.
 I added the pink and lavender desk to the back of the third floor room.
 It's a plastic dollar store item that I refurbished. The beautiful carved table/trunk was a gift from Bulgaria that my daughter brought back from her mission trip.
The stone work is slowly but surely progressing.
My classroom teacher, Carol, contributed this huge stack of egg cartons to the cause. Yay!


Kim said...

Then again is looking fantastic De!!! Love it- the postcards under the front counter is so cute! I love your new blog header picture too-so pretty! Hope you are having sun filled days :)

De said...

Thank you, Kim!

The blog header is a photo of one of my favorite projects. It's now in someone's dollhouse.

The sun is finally shining here. We've had a ton of rain and gloom so we are very ready for the sunshine. :)