Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Then Again update

 The lower entry room is still in the beginning stages. The empty space to the right of the door will have the counter. I want to make it "glass" fronted so I can display more items.
 The left side is a little more complete. The "antiques" are a very random mix. The piano is from Hobby Lobby but the other furniture is much better quality. The jewelry box on the desk is a button cover. The two cat statue came from a box of tea. There's an Egyptian statue from my daughter and a cameo from a vest clip. The open desk drawer holds Victorian Christmas post cards.
 The middle room is much more finished. Owner Shelby is looking things over. (She's a Breyer doll and is a bit too tall to be in scale. But she was free so I will make her work, lol.) The antiques in this room range from $1 Michael's hutches to a 1941 Renwal high chair. The Asian statue on the table is a genuine antique.
 The cheese plate on the bottom shelf of the right hand hutch was made by Tom Saunders as were the trenchers on the ledge in the photo below. The center table was made by Gaye of My Small Obsession for a dollar store swap. The table holds vintage cook books and Victorian era periodicals. The utensils in the hutch on the left came from my friend Roxy in New Mexico. The tea towel over the door was made by my friend, Sandy.
 The Uncle Sam is another tea box prize. I made the oar for a nautical swap.
The upper level is still in need of a lot of stuff. The hitching post was made from wooden chess pieces. The desk holds a lot of "tin types." The Victorian dress on a mannequin is a resin figure. The vintage map was printed from the internet. I forgot to take a pic of the other side. There's a small pot belly stove, a large angel statue, a wood and iron school desk, a wood sled, a braided rug and a few smaller items. I will post a photo soon.

I need to cut more stone and get back to work on the exterior but I wanted to play with the interior today. The unfinished Michael's hutches were calling my name. ;-)


My Realitty said...

Everything is so well coordinated. Love the oar on the wall. Cheers, CM

Lucille said...

You certainly have a lot of stuff in your stash, De! It did not take you long to put these wonderful rooms together. You have so many interesting accessories.