Tuesday, November 10, 2015

After the details

 I added some trim to the seats and backs of the chairs and now I am very happy with them. After looking through photos of dinette sets from the 50s I realized that there's no wrong way to make a vintage set. I found round tables with pedestals and some with 4 legs. I found chairs with very thin seats and backs and some that were very plush. The color combinations seem almost endless. That gives a lot of leeway in designing a mini 50s dinette set.
The table will sit in the bay area. Everything will be torn apart, cleaned up, and reinstalled. I will be using different windows, though, as many of the originals are covered in paint splotches. I need to decide for sure what to do about the window over the stove so I can decide what I want in upper cabinets. So many decisions, so little time. LOL

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