Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mid Century Modern Fun

 I found this set while looking for inspiration for the master bedroom set. The staggered pulls make it really unusual and interesting. This was the starting point for my mini bedroom set.
 I haven't made nightstands yet and I went with a simple headboard but here are the pieces in the master bedroom - The previous young owner's taste just doesn't quite work, does it? LOL
Here are the pieces in front of the paper that will be in the bedroom. The blonde wood pieces stand out nicely against the stripes. The bedspread is made from the same fabric that Harriet in the boarding house has on her bed. I really like the mini pom pom trim on this one. It really looks like a chenille bedspread!

I'm working my way through the furnishings. After the nightstands I'll be moving on to the living room. Stay tuned....


otterine said...

I think someone in my family had that very bedspread in real life! :D Looks great!

PILAR6373 said...

Los muebles me gustan mucho! Y la combinación de tonos en el dormitorio quedan genial!!

De said...

Thanks, ladies!

Otterine, thanks for confirming my thought that the fabric really does look like chenille. :-)