Friday, November 20, 2015

On to the living room

 The photo was my primary inspiration. I blended it with another style that had the single cushion and tufted back.
 Next was a kidney shaped coffee table in blonde wood with paper clip legs. That's what they were called - paper clip legs. Mine were  made from.....paper clips. Genius, I know, LOL. The box in the back corner is a cake decoration TV. It will be perfect after its makeover.
I still need at least one chair and I have a stepped end table in progress. It's almost time to start the house rehab...not my favorite part but it goes fast once I get started.

Edit: Here's the chair. It's sort of a futuristic wing chair. The step end table is next to it. Now I desperately need to get to the rehab part so the furniture pieces look good.:-)


Caseymini said...

Love the new sofa. I can't wait to see the finished coffee table. Looking good!

PILAR6373 said...

me gusta mucho el estilo de la decoración,la mesa y el sofá te han quedado preciosos!!! Ansío ver más adelantos!!

De said...

Thank you, ladies! This house has been so much fun. I love the look of the 50s but it doesn't work in my real home. This way I can play and enjoy the retro look I like. :-)

Drora's minimundo said...

The sofa is beautiful. I love the color.
Hugs, Drora