Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let the games begin!

 I spent several hours on the dollhouse today. Removing trim and shutters and such. The wood is very dry and splits very easily. I am hoping to brick the exterior off the house and will replace all the trim.
 The kitchen window over the stove is now smaller.
 This is the current state of the kitchen.
 And here's the living room. The photo  below shows my biggest problem. I don't know what kind of glue was used but it hasn't responded to heat or Goo Gone. The next attempt will involve the palm sander. That helps with the room on the right but I can't get the felt out of the left room. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. I'm at a loss.


Kitty And Kat Miniatures said...

Maybe some acetone or nail polish remover? Try it on the edges with a q-tip. If it works lightly dampened it with the stuff and peel fast before it soaks too far into the wood? Your first 2 choices are the ones I would have used too ;)

Sam said...

The trim on my Westville was brittle and damaged too, and that is why I removed it and covered the house with strips of wood and stucco. (I did the same on the inside as well.)
As for the floors, I cannot help you with this as I am experiencing the same problem currently with Luka's house. I have even tried soaking the floors with vinegar and I was able to pull bits and pieces of the fabric off with brute force, but the industrial strength blobs of glue still remain!
I will be watching to see how you fix this. Good luck!

PILAR6373 said...

Has probado a rociar o mojar la moqueta con agua mezclada con jabón suavizante? Lo dejas actuar 15-20 minutos y luego empiezas a tirar de él ayudada de una pequeña rasqueta.Puede funcionar!

Drora's minimundo said...

This looks like a very difficult job to me. I would never dare to handle the renovation of an old doll house. You seem to be doing a wonderful job and
I love to follow the progress.

Hugs, Drora