Monday, November 9, 2015

Playing with the layout and something new

 I'm pretty sure this is how the kitchen will look. I'm considering eliminating the window by the stove or at least making it much smaller. There will be upper cabinets, too. The wallpaper will be the one I designed and posted over the summer.
 Davey and his collie in the future cowboy room and bathroom. I am going to wall off the back corner for the bathroom. You will get just a glimpse of the room through the open door. That way I don't even have to worry about a tub or how to deal with the shape of the ceiling back there. I may have a hall but Davey's room will be from the window over either way. I have cowboy wallpaper for this room.
 Here I am starting to sort the room layout and what wallpapers and fabrics I plan to use in each room.
 Today I worked on the dinette set. I found this awesome flat wire at Hobby Lobby. I used it for the legs of the chairs, the table pedestal and metal edging. I am only making three chairs so I can fit the set in the bay area.
Here's one finished chair and the table on the "linoleum" kitchen flooring. I used Triple Thick to give the wood chair seats and backs a vinyl look and feel. I may add a few more finishing details to the chairs once they are dry but I am pleased with the overall effect. I am making progress!

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PILAR6373 said...

Buena distribuci├│n de la casa,la mesa y la silla han quedado muy bien!!!