Thursday, July 30, 2009

Only new news is wedding news

Well, I did spend time on a mini project last night but it's for a contest so I can't share pics yet. The good news is that the summer contest deadine is nearly here so I will soon be able to share those photos.

So, the wedding news is that I think we've actually found a reception site for my daughter's August 7, 2010 wedding. She actually likes the same hall that DH and I used for our reception. Since she's getting married on our 28th anniversary, it will be a true sentimental journey for Mark and me. We also booked the date with the florist. The shop is owned by the mother and grandmother of one of my daughter's high school friends. It was very refreshing to have the salesperson suggest ways to save money rather than spend it. We are making progress - got the groom, got the church, got the minister and pianist, got the dress and bridesmaids' dresses, got the reception site, got the flowers and I'm doing the invitations which are designed and ready to print as soon as I get the paper ordered. The meal is a hog roast (provided by the groom's parents) and I need to call the caterer for the rest of the meal but we're getting there. I just can't believe how far in advance you've got to plan and reserve now! It's a good thing I've got a year to find my dress, though, 'cause that search isn't going so well...and the bride frowns on her mommy showing up nekkid, lol.

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