Monday, October 12, 2009

Another award!

Thank you, Doreen, for this Dream Blog award. I am honored to be one of the blogs she reads every day. Since I just awarded several people the Kreativ Blogger award and the awards seem to be travelling quickly around blogland, I am going to break the rules for this one and just award it to Meg at Inside My Head .

Meg is not a miniaturist but she is my daughter and I read her blog regularly. She's a college student who's planning her wedding and dealing daily with chronic illness. And the little girl in the award picture makes me think of Meg when she was little. :-)

The rules are:1. Show the image of the award, and state rules.2. Post the link of the person that gave you the prize.3. Display 10 blogs to which you grant the award.4. Advise the blogs listed.

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