Sunday, October 18, 2009

Now to shed a little light on the subject

And here they are...the little lights. These candles were all made from dollar store pencil erasers. The unburned ones just have white thread wicks and are glazed with matte varnish. The burned ones have the wicks tipped with black and are rougher around the top edges. I used thick tacky glue to make the drips and the whole thing was glazed with the matte varnish. The candle holders were made from some stud jewelry findings I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The darker blue candles are on pedestal style holders made with the studs on jewelry finding bases. The other candle holders are made with the studs mounted on woodsie bases and then decorated. These are so simple but look so real when finished.


Katie said...

These eraser candles are really neat! And I love all the decorations you have made to go with them. Love the new background, too!! :)


rosanna said...

Such a clever idea. I love them Rosanna

Kathi said...

How pretty and thanks for sharing how you made them too!

I really like your new header. It's perfect.

Julie Old Crow said...

how cute are these! and very clever. I never thought of using findings as candle holders. I'll have to give it a shot too.

Julie Old Crow

De said...

Thank you all! :D