Saturday, October 17, 2009

I finally got the doll out of my head...

...and into the oven. Sounds awful, doesn't it? She's now out of the oven and dressed. I present to you...Helene, the aging starlet.Helene Tyler was a starlet in Hollywood’s “glory days.” Born Helen Jones, Helene moved to California at 18 and was soon picked up by one of the major studios. She was talented enough to move quickly into major roles based on her acting skills, rather than her bedroom skills as many of her peers did. Her brown eyes and blonde hair gave her a unique look. Her blonde hair now comes from a bottle but her brown eyes are still sparkling and vibrant. She still acts on occasion when the right part is presented but mostly she adds character and class to awards programs these days. She won’t tell her real age but if you look closely you can see the signs of aging that even her plastic surgeon can’t quite eliminate.


dales_dreams said...

She's great, De! :)

Tallulah~Belle said...

Sorry I am so behind in all of this...trying to move house.

De, she is the best so far...I am amazed at how quickly you are coming on with your sculpting.

Although I shouldn't be really knowing your determination :-)

Really, well done.....she is great.

I can't wait to get my work out of packing boxes and get going again.

De said...

Thank you, Dale and Jayne. I'm glad you can see progress, Jayne. You've seen some of my really early dolls so if anyone could see improvement, you could. :-)