Thursday, October 22, 2009

Much better

I thought the wood needed to be a warmer color so I stained it maple today. The little table looks really nice, I think. I used a stain pen for the plastic legs. I also made the Tinker Bell rug and the pot of flowers. Everything should be kid safe and cozy for the dollhouse inhabitants. There's also an entertainment center for this room but I've already given it to my friend. It's a rustic green with Tink on the doors.

I'm a little goofy right now 'cause I printed all of the wallpaper and sealed it. I did it outside but I still inhaled far more than I should have. I can't the smell out of my nose, lol.


Caseymini said...

The bed really turned out nicely. The colors are just right on the furniture. I would say that you finished a good day's work. I hope you don't catch what's going around!

De said...

Thank you, Casey! I really appreciate your input.