Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not much damage here...

This was the only large section of tree that we lost. It's the top of the tree we call "Kristin's tree" because it was an Arbor Day tree that she brought home from school and planted when she was in elementary school. She's now a 3rd year college student. The tree survived but it's about 15 feet shorter now. :( (You can just see Herbert the moose in the middle of the photo. He was trying to help move the branch out of the driveway. :D)
Mostly, we just have small branches like these all over the yard.
This is view down the driveway. It's littered with little branches - I guess God thought our trees needed pruning, LOL.
This is the whole branch that Herbert's trying to move in the first photo. It's the size of a small tree all by itself.

Thankfully, we are all ok and I've not heard of any injuries in the area due to the storms. Today is just a quiet day after being up so late. This weekend we'll have to start cleaning up all of those little branches.


April said...

I am so glad y'all are okay! Those sudden windstorms can be scary. We are biding our time for hurrican season now. . .keeps us on edge June through November.
Hope the cleanup is rewarding. Love the little moose fellow! :-)

Happy weekend to you!

Kim said...

De- I am so glad that you were not hit worse- although this is still a lot to clean up! Hope your weekend stays calmer ♥

Karin F. said...

well, no excuse now for not having a lovely fire & toasting some marshmallows! We had an earthquake & a tornado the same day but luckily it was only nearby & not here.
Good thing you don't have a weeping willow; they'll use any excuse to shed branches.
...toast an extra marshmallow for me.
hugs Karin

De said...

We do have a weeping willow, Karin, but it didn't lose as many branches as the cottonwoods.

Karin F. said...

wish our cottonwoods would all blow down! If they aren't blowing their fluff around, they're sending up new trees where they're not wanted.
One morning last yr, I thought it had snowed; there was so much cottonwood fluff on the ground, it all looked white.