Friday, June 4, 2010

The promised photos

I'm making a New York City loft style apartment in an old wine crate. The exterior apartment walls are an aged brick and the one interior "added wall" has a cool silver metallic wallpaper. All of the kitchen appliances and cupboards are made from bashed Michael's hutches. The kitchen and bath floors and the tile backsplash are made from bits of real peel and stick tiles. The carpet is a piece of fabric.
The couch and chair were made from bits of cardboard.
The shower was made completely from scratch and the sink and toilet are beat up Renwal pieces that I am making taller. I have to add faucets and a toilet seat plus all of the accessories in both rooms.
I'm really proud of how the kitchen turned out. I need to fill the upper cabinets and put stuff on the counters to make the house looked lived in.


Kathi said...

How cool! Love the brick and the floors! Did you make the furniture too?

De said...

Thank you, Kathi. Yes, I did make the furniture. I just started playing with cardboard until I got a shape I liked.

Kim said...

It looks fabulous De- I love how modern everything looks- the kitchen is incredible!

De said...

Thanks, Kim!