Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A room with a view

My mom sorted through some more craft supplies and I got several boxes of goodies. In the boxes were a couple of cigar boxes as Mom used to make cigar box purses. I have a beautiful one that she made several years ago and had no need for another so I decided to make a room box to display some recent swaps.
The base is a laminate flooring sample. The beautiful quilt was hand pieced and sewn by my friend Joan. She also made the chair.
Brenda made all of the food on the hutch and finished the hutch itself. Gaye of My Small Obsession made the stew and bread on the table.
I made the quilt rack, table, curtain and the window. The wallpaper is actually scrapbook paper.
This is what the top of the cigar box looks like.


Minnie Kitchen said...

the quilt is so beautiful! I love the colors and the design~

Ascension said...

Una idea muy original, te ha quedado preciosa!!
besitos ascension

Katie said...

What a smart way to display something! Love that quilt!

April said...

Now this, I LOVE! Great job!
Reminds me of sweet little Arrietty in "The Borrowers". Wondering if you enjoy READING about mini things too--

Happy day to you!

De said...

Thanks everyone!

April, I do enjoy reading about mini things. For some reason I've never read The Borrowers though. I'm not sure how I managed to get through my childhood without reading it. I loved The Littles series of books - about a family living in the walls of a real sized family's house. They furnished their home by borrowing items, too.