Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a crazy day!

Earthquakes in Toronto and tornado warnings in Indiana. I don't know yet if any tornadoes actually touched down but we have trees and power lines down all over the place. We have a generator so I have electricity but the power is out all around us. I don't expect it to get restored right away as the power company employees have a very busy night ahead of them. The storms have passed for tonight so hopefully we can get settled in bed soon.

The little moose in the photo is Herbert. He's a world traveler spending a week with us before moving on to his next stop. He got a little more than he bargained for in our weather, I'm afraid. The radar on the television behind him was after the worst of the storm had hit here.


Ingrid said...

Oh dear what a prediction. I hope everything is fast over there, strength
groetjes Ingrid

Kim said...

hope they get your power back on soon De- stay safe! Do you have lots of damage on your property to clean up now?

De said...

We do have power again!

Kim, we have small branches everywhere and the top of one of the smaller trees just broke off. That's all I've seen on our land so far. I haven't looked everything over yet but I think we'll come out ok.

Thanks for the good thoughts!

Debbie said...

Glad to hear that your OK.. Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Hi De,

There were a couple of tornado's not that far from us here in Lindsay. One of them caused a lot of damage but no one was killed. A tad too close for comfort. We shook a bit here from the earthquake, but that.s it. Glad you are OK and your power is back.