Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank you, Kathi!

Kathi at Beautiful Mini Blessings made a loft bed for her beach house this weekend. I love how it turned out and it inspired me to make a loft bedroom for my New York City apartment. I spent some time googling loft apartments today and some of them had lofted bedroom areas. Before I added the bedroom area the apartment owner was sleeping on the short little sofa so she's very happy to have a real bed. :-)
It's a tiny little sleeping area but it works and it makes use of the extra high loft ceilings.
The lack of clothing storage was also bugging me so I made the mirrored dresser. It doesn't really open. It was very simple to make. It's made from one of those clear plastic boxes with a black lid. The lid is the back of the dresser and the clear part was covered with mirrored tape. I covered cardboard scraps with the tape to look like drawers and glued bead handles to them. The dresser feet are clear pony beads. Oh, and I also stained the window trim and the "bamboo" blind.

The beautiful calla lilies were made by my friend Gaye of My Small Obsession and the tray on top of the wall cabinets was made by Brenda.


Kathi said...

Love your loft bed! It looks great!
I'm going to have to try to find some "mirrored" tape. Your little dresser is so pretty!

De said...

Kathi, I have a roll my hubby gave me that will last me forever. I have to use glue with it as the adhesive isn't very strong but if you email me your mailing address I would love to send you some of my tape.

Ascension said...

Has aprovechado muy bien la idea, seguro que le encantara dormir en una cama en vez del sofa.
El armario ha sido una idea genial, te ha quedado de maravilla
besitos ascension

Peach Blossom Hill said...

De, you are so creative! And I love the loft! How clever of you and Kathi!


De said...

Thanks, Jody!

Kathi said...

Thanks De!