Friday, July 30, 2010

Ceiling roses and tin ceiling tiles

On one of my mini forums today there was a discussion about ceiling roses for dollhouses. This photo is a picture of my real size kitchen ceiling. It's finished with a textured wallpaper that I painted to resemble tin tiles. The leftovers have been very useful for minis.
I cut out lots of the little square motifs and painted them to make a tin ceiling for my Petite Dreams Victorian kitchen. I've also cut around the larger border of the square and left them white for my other Victorian kitchen.
I kept the design simple for the bedrooms. This one has just the floral motif left white.
The parlor and dining rooms call for more extravagent ceilings. Here in the parlor I cut out the entire floral motif, including the border. I added corner pieces to the ceiling corners and added gold "leafing" to the central rose.
In the dining room I cut around the first border of the large floral motif and added corners and smaller flowers to the ceiling corners. I again added the gold leaf effect to the central rose.

I've still got lots of this wallpaper leftover. I've used the paper intact to make cove plaster ceilings in some roomboxes, too. I think the investment of one roll would be well worth it if you like more elaborate ceiling detail in your dollhouses.


A. Wright said...

De I have done the same thing in my dinning room. We did it right after we bought the house and all our guests go "oh wow tin ceilings". I still love the look 5 years later and the leftovers have been used in my beacon hill too!

De said...

I still love my ceiling, too. It adds character to my 20 year old house. And the leftovers to use for minis are a wonderful added bonus. :)

Minnie Kitchen said...

ooh i like!

Marlene said...

I have used wrapping paper I painted white in most of my rooms in Somerset house, It's a perfect way to decorate your ceilings