Sunday, July 18, 2010

There's nothing like a new mini project to cheer you up!

I got my green beans canned yesterday and that went well but the rest of my day was not as good. Just one of those days that we all have sometimes. So I broke out the last of my cigar boxes and started a new project. This one is too tall for a one inch scale scene to look right so I made it into a 2 room half scale scene instead. When it's finished both rooms will have a bit of Asian influence with more obvious Asian accents in the downstairs living room. It has a skinny stick floor (I'm leaving it natural colored). The contemporary swivel chair was made from half a plastic lid, a push pin and some plastic sheeting with a cushion added for comfort. I'm planning to paint the "swivel" base a chrome color. The coffee table is a lid with a wooden ring added to the top. The art over the fireplace and the pillow on the couch were made from the paper covering on chopsticks.
The back of the chair.
So far, the bedroom is very simple. The headboard looks very bamboo-like (corrugated cardboard) and the art over the nightstand has an Asian feel. The smoked acrylic vanity was made from half a clear plastic lid that I colored with a wood stain marker. The chair is an inexpensive dollhouse toy that I stained and painted. The carpet is a fabric sample.

I still have a lot to do in both rooms. I think I'm going to add windows on the right side walls so I can add texture and color with curtains. I have lots of mini accessories to add to both rooms so making those will keep me busy this week, too.


April said...

your imagination amazes me!
can't wait to see how this one turns out.

De said...

Thank you, April!