Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grill tools requested by Kathi :)

Supplies needed: fancy or plain round toothpicks or small wood scraps; large paper clip; straight pins; soft metal (can be cut with scissors); tacky glue; super glue or glue of choice; scissors; wire cutters; needlenose pliers; emery board or sand paper; silver paint; paint for handles
Cut a spatula shaped piece from the soft metal. Lightly crimp the end that attaches to the handle. Cut an inch and a quarter length of paper clip (or use a straight pin.) Cut the end off the toothpick - approximately an inch long - for the handle.
Use a push pin or mini drill to put a hole in the plain end of the handle. Dip the pointed end of the straigght pin (or piece of paperclip into first tacky glue and then super glue. Insert it into the hole in the handle. The handle may split but that's ok. Smear super glue over any cracks and clamp until dry. Once it's dry dip the other end into tacky glue, then super glue, and attach it to the back of the spatula piece. The metal part of the handle should fit into the crimped end of the spatula.


Kathi said...

Thanks De! I'm going to try this for sure! I love the toothpicks with the fancy designs. I might try beads too since I have lots of those! LOL

De said...

In some ways the beads might be easier to work with since they already have holes in them. I think you could make very realistic tools that way.

Hannelore Strehler-Baur said...

A wonderful tutorial! Thanks, will try it!
Hugs Hannelore